$649,000 In Linens Alone, A Peek Into Life At Greenbrier

Will a property like this continue to thrive in today’s global wealth downfall? Let’s hope so – it sure is pretty!

it’s the details that delight. The Beretta white onyx shotguns worth $6,666, the $205 fudge warmer, the $3,740 pig cooker and two white-tail deer heads worth a total of $500 give a picture of the idiosyncratic nature of this resort which has entertained presidents, royalty and the rich for generations. The fact that this is a resort with a collection of linens worth $649,000 and a fleet of golf carts worth nearly $253,000 is no surprise

$649,000 In Linens Alone, A Peek Into Life At Greenbrier. (via Luxist)