Euro Weekly News | Royal Decree approved for domestic staff in Spain

November 22nd, 2011 by admin




Here’s a quick article from Spain – raising the standards for household employment.

A ROYAL Decree approved last week will see that domestic staff in Spain are paid the minimum wage per month.

From next year, anyone employing domestic staff must pay their social security from the first hour worked instead of being exempt of paying from the first 20 hours as until now.

As well as receiving the minimum wage, discounts for food, lodging and any other concepts can’t amount to more than 30 per cent instead of the current 45 per cent.

They must also have written contracts, and will be entitled to two extra month’s wages, while the maximum of nine hours work per day is maintained.

If fired, they will be entitled to seven to 12 days severance pay for each year worked although they will not be entitled to unemployment benefits. 

Euro Weekly News | Royal Decree approved for domestic staff in Spain | Spain | News | The Largest English Language Newspapers in Spain.

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